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Pipes Steel

Generally speaking, in accordance with the different methods of production, the steel pipe can be divided into Seamless Pipe and steel pipe joints. Steel pipe can not only be used for conveying fluids, powdery solid, exchange of heat energy, manufacturing of mechanical parts and containers, but it is also an economical steel. For example, with a steel pipe manufacturing building structure grid, pillars and mechanical brackets can reduce weight and save metal. Not only does it save steel for highway bridges with steel pipe but also simplifies the construction, and if coated with a protective layer for the prevention of rust, this can thus create further investment savings and reduce maintenance costs. All in all, the application of steel pipe can be almost everywhere. In addition, the people's day-to-day appliances and heating facilities, as well as the manufacturing of a variety of agricultural appliances, development of underground resources, defense and aerospace, guns, bullets, missiles, rockets, cannot be separated from the steel pipes.

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